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A page where the press can find all information about your company.

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Press releases

Extended version of your press release

It is difficult to send large files (such as good photos and videos) via email. Do you want to share your campaign images with the press? Then you cannot do without your own newsroom. You can easily place all high-res photos and videos here. Also post an extensive profile of your company and share previous press releases. This way, every journalist can find all the information about your company that is necessary for a great publication.

Press kit

Add audiovisual content

A journalist likes to use your content. Do you want articles about your brand to appear? Then make sure there is enough content available. Add all your logos, mood photos and other corporate identity elements. This increases the chance of publication.


All your previous articles in one place

Do you want to help an editor get started? Then place previous publications in the newsroom. By showing what other journalists wrote about your brand, you show that there is a story in your brand.

More information

Your company, your story

On a special "About Us page" you can share the founding story, your vision and other information. Introduce your team to the world and give journalists a peek behind the scenes.

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