Presscloud makes PR accessible to everyone

You want to be in the news more often. Ensure that your organization is seen as an expert. Attract more visitors to your website. Climbing in Google search results. Make your brand better known. PR helps you achieve all these goals.

PR for everyone

But PR seems out of reach for many companies. That's because PR agencies are quite expensive and not very transparent. Anyone who gets started with PR themselves often does not yet know how.

That can be done differently and better. That's why we founded Presscloud. Presscloud is the most complete PR toolkit. You will find relevant Dutch journalists in a handy overview. Create your own Newsroom on Presscloud, so that journalists can immediately create a beautiful story about your brand. Presscloud also teaches you everything about PR.

The good news: you can already use Presscloud for free. PR for everyone.

About the founders

Presscloud was founded by the team of Pockies (Karel Bosman, Rob ten Hoove and Michiel Dicker). In addition to the intrinsic value of Pockies - underpants with pockets - the company has relied on a successful PR approach from the start. As a result, more than 200,000 underpants were sold (that's 400,000 pockets) and the company also scored in the US. In other words, PR works.

Use Presscloud for free

Presscloud is the IKEA for PR. It is the solution for companies that want to cut back on their marketing budget, but still want to use PR.

Use Presscloud today, be in the news tomorrow!

PR Producten

Persbericht Eenmalig uitsturen

Ontdekken wat PR voor jouw bedrijf kan betekenen maar wil je het eerst uitproberen? Dan is het eenmalige persbericht een goede optie!

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Persbericht Laten schrijven

Geen tijd om zelf een persbericht te schrijven? Of wil je graag dat een professional een artikel over jouw merk of onderneming schrijft? Perfect!

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Compleet PR-traject

Met het gehele perstraject van Presscloud halen we alles uit de kast om jou op weg te helpen in de wereld van PR! Inclusief brainstorm, schrijven en uitsturen.

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